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    September 29, 2013 @ 10:50 pm

    BTL #80 - COMPROMISE WITH ME - 9/30/13

    In Which We Discuss:

    1. Meglomaniac Ted Cruz launches 21 hour filibuster so he can hear himself talk about green eggs and ham

    2.  A list of compromises the Democrats have made since 2010 for Mr. Ted Cruz’s edification

    3.  There’s probably no government right now so take your trifling complaints elsewhere

    4.  BFF Israel is super mad that the US is now talking to the newbie from Iran.  Twitter war is already in the works.

    5.  Clinton-hating grows evermore popular, proving we are bigger trendsetters than our wardrobes would suggest

    6.  Wendy Davis and her pink sneakers planning to run all way to the Governor’s mansion

    7.  The BTL review of the longest two hours of television this week

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