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    July 23, 2017 @ 10:50 pm

    BTL #254 - BRANDING MEDIOCRITY - 7/24/17

    In Which We Discuss:

    1. The new Sean Spicer is a Nickelodeon villain who donated to Barack Obama

    2. Russia actually called us thugs this week, which is cute

    3. Zombie healthcare will kick a new and exciting figure of 32 million off their healthcare. Way to keep playing, guys!

    4. Al Gore is the latest borderline Republican to come out in favor of single payer

    5. Democrats new motto urges us not to lose faith. Our most mediocre times are still ahead of us!

    6. A "spicey" goodbye to America’s most exciting and irreverent character in the nation’s first reality presidency

    PLUS, don't forget to follow us next weekend on social media as we follow all the fun at Politicon!  We'll be galavanting AND asking the hard-hitting questions all weekend! 

    Brain Trust Live is Lila Nordstrom and Brent Thornburg's look at the week in political news. Join the millions of sirens and helecopters who love our podcast and tell your friends about BTL!  Then rate us on iTunes or find us FacebookTwitterTumblrStitcher, or Instagram!

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