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June 5, 2017 @ 10:54 pm

BTL #247 - BILATERAL TALKS - 6/6/17

In Which We Discuss:

1. Say Goodbye to breathing air! We’re divorcing the Paris Accords to pursue a more meaningful relationship with oil and gas.

2. When it comes to the Paris Accords, Michael Bloomberg is now the government, which is concerning it its own way.

3. Anthem is the most evil insurance company for yet another year. Congratulations, guys! The hard work at being absolutely awful is paying off.

4. California’s state senate passes a single payer bill and the LA Times is none too happy about it. In related news, the LA Times spent this week is wondering why they aren’t that relevant.

5. London: Terrorized. World: Twitterized. Trump: The same.

6. Trump’s search for better press covfefe continues

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