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    February 21, 2016 @ 11:56 pm

    BTL #189 - GEORGE’S LITTLE BROTHER - 2/22/16

    In Which We Discuss:

    1. The Nevada Caucus: Another time caucuses made no sense

    2. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio win decisive non-first-place victories in the SC primary

    3. Jeb! has retired his exclamation point and can now go back to being called “George’s little brother”

    4. Mitt Romney will endorse ex-Mormon brethren Marco Rubio because the whole world is one giant conspiracy

    5. Trump picks a fight with the Pope over which one is the real Christian.  Of course only one of them was disowned by their childhood church...

    6. Obama is going to Cuba because he’s more fun than the rest of us

    7. A totally reliable source offers new definitive proof Obama murdered Justice Scalia

    *Plus don’t miss Carla Nordstrom’s editorial on the Democrats and their needed outreach to younger voters!

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