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    March 2, 2015 @ 11:08 pm

    BTL #144 - NEWT’S SELFIE-TIME - 3/3/15

    In Which We Discuss:

    1. CPAC answers the question: Is it possible that ISIS could be as evil as unions?

    2. Netanyahu considers us family, which is we guess better than being one of his numerous abused housekeepers?

    3. House GOP playing coy at revealing it’s DHS funding strategy to it’s own members, hoping to surprise even itself next week

    4. Even before the ancient Barbara Mikulski’s retirement announcement, Dianne Feinstein was the oldest woman in the senate.   Will she be our Strom Thurmond?

    5. A supposedly more organized Clinton campaign is already so indecisive that it  can’t even agree on when it’s going to start

    6. Bill O’Reilly knows even less about his whereabouts than we previously gave him credit for

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