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November 16, 2014 @ 9:10 pm

BTL #132 - SHUTDOWN, THE REMIX - 11/17/14

In Which We Discuss:

1. Obama enters a “gives no fucks” zone and promises executive action on #Immigration, his support for #NetNeutrality, and a major climate deal with #China.  Let the lame duck games begin!

2. The GOP’s only strategy is the one thing they strategized to not do again.  All hail #shutdown2015, the remix.

3. Centrists and Liberals are about to throw down Tea Party style as Democrats reckon with how to not get shitstomped in future elections.

4. Still don’t have healthcare?  What are you thinking?!  (Also, open enrollment is in session!  You could totally fix this!)

5. ISIS still in the business of producing exceptionally long, disgusting videos.  We’re starting to doubt their much-touted social media savvy.  16 minutes is too long, guys!

6. Well we landed on a comet.  (Yay?)  But besides causing a real #shirtstorm, we might not have accomplished much.  Turns out that sunlight is a really important ingredient in launching a successful solar energy space probe.

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