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November 10, 2014 @ 1:28 am

BTL #131 - NOTHING CAN’T BE UNDONE - 11/10/14

In Which We Discuss:

1. As far as elections go, we’re not going to say everything is hopeless, but we are going to say that you need to do better next time, America!  We’ve blogged about how: Post-Election Blues: 14 Ways To Get Even

2. Voters everywhere voted both for and against everything they stand for this election day.  Hey voters,  you don’t get to have two opinions on the same issue!

3. The Lame Duck session is shaping up to look more like a healthy and virile duck session.

4. SCOTUS invites a serious case of deja vu with a slate of new, high-profile cases that suspiciously like the old ones.

5. We now have 3,000 troops in Iraq, but don’t worry, they aren’t “one the ground.”  The are just soldiers deployed to a war-torn region who have no particular mandate or agenda...nothing to see here.

6. Goodbye Michele Bachmann and Steve Stockman, hello Glen Grothman, who will carry on your tradition of rhyming last names and insane agendas.

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*We apologize for the audio issue at the very end of the podcast.  Audio geniuses we are not, but hilarity geniuses?  That you can count on!

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