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    June 9, 2014 @ 7:38 am

    BTL #111 - JUNGLE PRIMARIES - 6/9/14

    In Which We (BiCoastally) Discuss:

    1.  Tuesday’s primary elections bring mixed results for wacko candidates from both parties

    2.  GOP patriots now in favor of leaving behind POWs, because hey, screw due process!

    3.  Republicans hellbent on fixing the VA may or may not be in support of new bipartisan bill to fix the VA

    4.  It's the time of the month where we report jobs numbers, and update you on how last month’s jobs numbers were totally incorrect

    5.  Seattle residents already reaping the super awesome benefits of electing a socialist to their city council with massive minimum wage increase

    6.  And, as if we needed it…further proof that Vladimir Putin is a disgusting sleazebag

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