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    June 16, 2013 @ 11:17 pm

    Brain Trust Live #65 - GOP CANNIBALISM - 6/16/13

    In Which We Discuss:

    1. GOP members finds themselves hating one of their own ideas yet again after Obama follows their advice on Syria

    2. In order to steal focus from their first bad idea, GOP members also cannibalize their own immigration reform bill

    3. NSA spying program not effective enough to find Edward Snowden even as entire international press corps snags interviews

    4. SCOTUS expected to announce their next round of bad decisions in coming weeks

    5. Slapstick comedian Kim Jong-Un is ready to talk to the US in first bilateral talks between the two nations

    6. GOP devises strategy to get gays out of the military via Christian bullying

    And as always, check our Twitter @braintrustlive and Facebook pages throughout the week for links, musings and more!

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