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September 9, 2012 @ 6:38 pm

Brain Trust Live #27 - 9/10/12

In Which We Discuss:

1. The Democratic Convention and the Awesomeness of Bill Clinton, Genius Number Knower

2. Defying All-Knowing Pundits and Horrible Jobs Data, Obama Gets a Bounce from Convention Appearance and Marrying Well

3. The Race So Far and the Strategy Moving Ahead.  Romney’s Strategy: Appear More Like Obama, Obama’s Strategy: Appear More Like Bill Clinton.

4. We Finally Have an Inspiring American Story to Root For: Mitt Romney on the Trials and Tribulations on Being a Mormon in the Age of Black President.

5. A New Segment We Wish We Didn’t Have To Bring You: This Week In Iowa Congressman Steve King.

6. Plus, a Chicago Teachers’ Strike, a Melissa Harris-Perry Backlash, an Email Password That You Should Avoid, and More!

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